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For the 1% to rely on anyone but Anthony Sage is akin to Tiger Woods leaving the shots to his caddy.

At $1 billion, Anthony Sage has amassed the largest portfolio of private second homes in the history of Sonoma CA., firmly establishing his dominance as, the most unique, and most accomplished property manager.


53 private properties have been owned, managed, designed, landscaped, constructed, developed, staged, decorated, marketed, and successfully sold by Anthony Sage. This feat, never before approached encompasses 4,400 acres, 535 custom projects, and over 60,000 action items accomplished with superbly finished results, before the ink dries, and with cost-saving solutions at-hand.      


The finest, largest, and most exclusive private properties are entrusted to Anthony Sage Estates LLC, ranging from $8M to $35M, and from 10 acres to over 1,000. 

Anthony Sage, when the best is not enough.

Anthony Sage direct: 707-704-7270










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