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"Anthony Sage is elegant with his presentation and performance. What cannot be adequately characterized is what Anthony brings to the table. Comparing him to any service provider, estate manager, management agency, or contractor is like comparing Gregory Peck to Adam Sandler."

- Anonymous

"The raw beauty of my 1,150-acre sanctuary is surpassed only by the experience that comes from collaborating with Anthony Sage. To say that he is highly adept, efficient, and dedicated would be a gross understatement. Give him direction, and get out of the way." 

- Land Baron

"I am the Devil who wears Prada. Anthony is not my estate manager per se, but the only person to have higher standards than myself, and the only person on my staff to hit the mark every single time irrespective of my unreasonably high demands."

- Fashion Designer

"Tony's uncompromising process and rare attributes are something you cannot teach. He and his crew transformed my property into a private oasis, which now operates under his guidance as a four-star luxury rental. When absentee ownership seemed inconceivable under prior management, I now live abroad with peace of mind, and with the added bonus of enjoying a sizable disposable income." 

- Shell Global

"Anthony, your initial assessment of our property and findings report is one more reason we feel so confident that you are the right person for us." 


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